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About the Artist

Sue Holmes is a self taught jewellery artist and has been creating exquisite, exclusive and unique jewellery pieces by hand for over six years. Sue is passionate about working with gorgeous natural materials–freshwater pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, pure silver and sterling silver.
Says Sue, “...but I can’t resist a bit of bling too–and what better bling than Swarovski crystal!”.
Her attention to detail and her artistic methods mean that no two pieces are exactly alike.

Sue’s work is organic, simple, beautiful and above all, wearable. She loves to match designs with people and has been regularly commissioned to create special pieces.

Sue is happily married with two kids, a dog, four chooks and a messy house, proudly declaring that she’d rather make jewellery than do housework!


I just bought one of your lovely bracelets at Drysdale and thought I would let you know how beautiful it is. It's the one on the black thin band with two pearls and a blue stone in the centre. Very simple but just beautiful.

Thank you!
– Chris