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Raw materials

Sue only uses fine quality materials sourced from exotic regions around the world.
She refuses to substitute materials if they don't match her strict criteria!

The sterling silver she uses in her chainmail pieces are sourced from specialists in America,
as is the PMC materials for her custom crafted silver work.

Precious Metal Clay (PMC)
Silver clay is an amazing product that was developed in Japan in the early 1990’s. It is made from very fine particles of precious metal that have been mixed with an organic, non-toxic binder and water. Prior to firing it behaves like clay. You can roll it, cut it, press patterns into it, stamp it, mould it and sculpt it. It is like play-dough for grown ups! The material is incredibly fine and a lot of time is put in to the finishing of each piece–filing and smoothing the material–in preparation for firing.

When the piece is fired, magic happens! The organic binders burn away; there will be flames coming off the work. When the correct temperature is reached, the metal particles fuse together–the technical term is sinter–and you are left with a fine silver (99.9% pure) piece of jewellery. Once it has been fired, any further changes to the piece must be done using traditional metal working techniques. There is now no sign of clay, only pure metal!
precious metal clay

I received the earrings yesterday! They are perfect and I still love them as much as I did when I first saw them!!!

– Nicole